Empowering Youth on Social Media

How Meta is Taking Action to Prevent the Spread of Intimate Images Online.


Meta has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to launch Take It Down, a new platform that aims to prevent the spread of intimate images online. The platform assigns a unique digital fingerprint, otherwise known as a hash value, to every image and video uploaded, which can be used by other online platforms to identify and remove inappropriate content. The identity of the uploader remains anonymous throughout the process, and only the hash value is shared with NCMEC.

TikTok Continuously Implementing Safety Measures for our Minors.

TikTok has multiple preventative safety guidelines for their users, especially to protect minors in the online space. Some features they have implemented are…

  • The Family Pairing Awareness feature allows parents to link their TikTok account to their teens, giving them control over their children’s activity on the app. With this feature, parents can set daily screen time limits for their teens, as well as customize other restrictions such as age-appropriate content, direct messaging, and live streaming. 

  • To further ensure the safety of younger users, TikTok has set a default screen time limit of 60 minutes for teens and prohibits ages 13-15 from direct messaging. 

  • Only users above 18 can host a TikTok live stream. 

  • The Screen Time Dashboard for Family Pairing allows parents to track their children’s app usage and ensure they are staying within the set limits. 

These features demonstrate TikTok’s commitment to promoting online safety and protecting its younger users. Ensuring minor safety has become a priority focus for TikTok.