Elizabeth Arden

Winning KPIs for 40 shades of beauty

This is a great example of how our ‘diversity first’ approach can drive a creative solution. Importantly, the initiative also showcased a diverse range of influencers thriving in their own skin.


Influencers, Media, Strategy, Community Management

The brief

Our job was to launch the newest foundation from Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation and Flawless Start Hydrating Serum Primer with 40 shades by engaging 40 diverse influencers and to encourage our younger audience to consider Elizabeth Arden, historically renowned for being a brand for the more mature.

We were tasked to find 40 incredibly authentic influencers for the campaign – as non-lovers of the product just wasn’t going to cut it. We sent an EDM out to our database of 7000 influencers and the response was overwhelming. it was incredible to see the power of The Social Club database and how we have onboarded such a wonderfully diverse range of female content creators over the years!

Ultimately our campaign needed to be the groundswell to have our younger generation purchase Elizabeth Arden and a social media campaign was going to be the most powerful way to achieve this.

Campaign objectives: 

  • Generate reach and awareness for the new product
  • Communicate key messages and USP’s of the diverse shade range, long-wearing formula and natural finish, through the creation of engaging and inspired influencer content
  • Encourage purchase consideration among our target audience


The work

One of the biggest ways we create genuine communities is to be inclusive and a champion of diversity. We’ve introduced a ‘diversity first’ model for all our work, and educating our clients on the awesome depth and richness of real humans is key for us. Diversity is one of three pillars we lead with when selecting influencers for a campaign, and truly believe that if we get this right as an agency it shapes the messaging for the brands we work with and makes the world more inclusive.

Available in 40 diverse shades, we harnessed the power of The Social Club database with influencers locally to identify and locate the most relevant creators across a broad range of skin shades, ages and lifestyles – with the aim of showcasing the incredible level of diversity that Elizabeth Arden now offers with this new Flawless Finish collection.

Influencers were tasked with capturing engaging social content and communicating to their audience, just how Elizabeth Arden helps them to create their own unique version of “flawless”. Across the campaign, we engaged with 15 full service influencers (producing posts and stories across Instagram and Facebook) and 25 peer to peer social samplers (producing Instagram stories).

Our watertight briefs meant our key messages; Hyaluronic Acid; Vitamin C; Vitamin E; Botanical Blends; 24 hour wear; shade range and skin-safe formula were cleverly and clearly articulated across all content, meaning the content produced resonated with target audiences. It was a real accomplishment to match key messages with influencers and their skin types and the content produced was swoon-worthy. A collection of dreamy, colourful, sophisticated creative was the dream result with diversity at the forefront.

The outcome

An example of celebrating diversity and helping our clients, not just at a human level, but at the till. We loved how the influencers brought the launch to life with truly authentic storytelling. As a result of their passion for diversity in the beauty category, alongside their genuine love for the amazing product, we are pleased to share that this was the highest performing Elizabeth Arden campaign of all time.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 40 diverse influencers
  • Over 260 pieces of content
  • Hundreds of website visits
  • ROI 5x greater than the industry standard.