Why Mitre10, The Warehouse and New World prove that powerful communities drive successful brands.

At Thompson Spencer, we believe in the power of engaged communities to drive long-term brand success. It’s been our north star since the founding of Socialites almost fifteen years ago. When we see our clients being recognised as being among the most trusted in New Zealand, it reaffirms our focus.


We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Thompson Spencer clients Mitre10, The Warehouse and New World for their success in the 2023 Kantar Corporate Reputation Index. The Index measures brands on performance in the areas of trust, responsibility, leadership and fairness. The appearance of our clients in this year’s Index is testament to the focus they have had for years on operating ethical, socially responsible businesses. 


Socialites provides social media community management support for all three of these brands. It puts us in a unique position to see first hand how well they are regarded by their customers and hopefully also play a small role in growing that brand trust.


Through over 70,000 community engagements every month,we help these brands listen to their community, understand their challenges and respond accordingly, always striving to do better for their customers.


The brands that win in the long-term take the time to build an engaged community. They know that a strong community of engaged customers is a powerful differentiator. While anyone can come up with a fancy viral marketing campaign, true longevity comes from the depth and strength of customer relationships that are formed over time. Mitre10, The Warehouse, New World and many other great brands we get to work with every day understand this.


If your brand wants to better understand the power of digital communities and perhaps become part of ours, we’d love to chat.