Influencer Marketing on Little Red Book offers the best range of eGift Cards in Australia and is operated by Blackhawk Network Holdings, the world’s leading gift card company. To tap into the Australian Chinese market, Flying Tiger leveraged the Little Red Book influencer (KOL) campaign targeting a local audience during the important 618 Chinese shopping festival. 



The campaign achieved a broad reach of Millennial and Gen Z Australian Chinese females through the influencer campaign. A significant increase in website page views and sales.



Chinese social marketing, Influencer marketing, Strategy, Generate sales and revenues (ROI)


The project offers eGift cards in partnership with a variety of brands and sends them instantly to customers. During the 618 shopping festival, an attractive offer of a $10 value uplift was added to the Myer gift card, promoted via Australian Chinese KOLs.


What Flying Tiger did

As a user-generated content platform, Little Red Book is a hub for users sharing about beauty and fashion products.The platform is hugely popular among Chinese consumers, with a strong female focus. This popularity extends to Chinese living outside China, including Australia and New Zealand. Little Red Book’s audience is perfectly suited to Myers’ target audience of affluent, female consumers.

We identified a range of targeted Australian-based KOLs who would both reach our target audience, but whose content style clearly reflected the brand attributes of both and Myer. Our KOL choices focused on those with reach into the key cities of Sydney and Melbourne.
Our KOL selection also included a number of micro-influencers, whose content focus and style clearly fitted the campaign’s target audience. Working with these micro-influencers provided a very cost effective solution to provide a highly engaged audience.


Working with our KOLs, we developed a content approach that both highlighted the benefits of the gift card product and the Myer brand, but also highlighted the special value upgrade offer.


The outcome

Our KOL partners focused their content on explaining the special offer and clearly demonstrating to their audience how to access the offer. This approach is crucial, given Little Red Book does not allow links to external websites. It was important that our content clearly demonstrated to consumers how to access the offer.


While most of our KOLs ordinarily post more lifestyle-oriented content, campaign creative for the 618 Myer campaign was focused very specifically on communicating the offer. We have worked with 10 Australia-based micro KOLs to promote the Myer gift card and have got 22,700 clicks and 1,400 on likes, saves & comments. In addition, we’ve helped the client increase sales and website page views through the KOL posts.