LoFi: Hello to the New Era of Authenticity

In summary:

  • What is LoFi?

  • Is it creating a healthier social media space?

  • Why should your brand jump on this trend?


Let’s take a trip back to 2018. TikTok hadn’t yet taken over our screen time, Facebook was losing its popularity, and Instagram was thriving. Beige, minimalist feeds were the go-to for aspiring influencers. We saw the picture-perfect static grid from your classic mommy blogger who felt the need to show her daughter’s extravagant 1-year-old birthday party (a birthday the kid won’t remember). We saw the trendy teenager who couldn’t post the content of her food without heavy filters and saturation at 100%. It’s no wonder every school speech was on how social media is so fake. But somehow between then and now, social media has changed.


‘Lo-fi’ – short for Lo-fidelity – is the type of content you will see on your screens in 2023. Gone are the days your friend is posting flawless shots that are airbrushed to the point you don’t recognise them. Hello to the new era of authenticity. Candid, blurry, and in-the-moment photos are all trending. Believe me on this, some even fake a candid photo, that’s how trending they are! How do we know this? They tell us! A new generation of influencers has emerged, sharing raw and unfiltered moments on Instagram or TikTok, without spending hours editing or seeking approval from five of their friends (I know you millennials are cringing right now). This is the digital world we live in now, and it’s healthy!


Healthy? Spending 5+ hours doom scrolling comparing yourself to others who you don’t even know? Ok that’s not ideal, we mean healthier. We aren’t comparing social media to the newest green gut-health juice or saying it is the equivalent of running for an hour, we are saying that people are going to continue to use social media, so may as well embrace the trend of authenticity. Instead of only posting the positive times in one’s life, people are embracing that everyone has negative experiences, and sharing them online can help others feel less alone. Posting content unfiltered, unedited, and using social media as a creative outlet is how we should use it, so yes, we mean healthier!


Take Jacquie Alexander for example, her Instagram used to be perfectly curated pictures that lacked personality (left). However, now she is posting unfiltered pictures and tapping into that Lo-Fi trend (right).




To be a brand that succeeds on social media, you need to be personable. No consumer is going to relate to you if you post the same perfect content over and over again just in different fonts, rather they will be entertained by your brand’s personality and see that there are humans behind each post. After all, humans drive everything and if consumers can tell that there is a face behind the brand they love, an attachment is formed and they’ll want to see more – instead of unsubscribing to the annoying brand emails you send! This is where Lo-fi comes in, your brand becomes a friend of your consumer by posting similar content to them.



We acknowledge that embracing authenticity comes with its own set of challenges, such as balancing openness and privacy. But if you’re transparent and honest, share behind the scenes content and not just the finished product, and don’t care too much (or at least pretend you don’t care too much…) then we think you have a good chance at nailing this new Lo-fi trend.