AsureQuality digitally advancing with Leaven

In the digitally saturated world we live in, a business wanting to not just survive, but thrive, cannot fall behind. Socialites really launched into action guaranteeing the successful B2B exchange between Leaven and AsureQuality was widely recognised.

Mass awareness for Leaven.


Creative, media, strategy.

The Brief

Introducing AsureQuality – a Government organisation responsible for ensuring food quality and safety standards in New Zealand. AsureQuality is leveraging technology by partnering with digital experts, Leaven, to modernise it’s data through cloud migration. Leaven has provided a strong foundation for AsureQuality to deliver their core applications and move more workloads to the cloud resulting in improved security, future optimisation, and innovation opportunities. 


Campaign objectives


  • Raise awareness of Leaven as cloud migration experts
  • Showcase the excellent work that Leaven can deliver to help organisations migrate their applications and data to the cloud
  • During this campaign we needed to target at least 50% of the audience in the public sector (local and central government) industry

The Work


Socialites did not hold back with Leaven’s cloud migration success story, rather we collaborated with a talented production team to create multiple video’s. LinkedIn was chosen as the platform for it’s business audience, leading to a successful campaign. On this platform, we released videos interviewing key staff members alongside b-roll footage of how AsureQuality accessed their data on the cloud seamlessly. With three videos on Linkedin, awareness of Leaven’s ability to help companies take advantage of the cloud was significantly increased. 


The Leaven target audience is corporate, enterprise, and government organisations in New Zealand. We targeted both new prospects and existing customers within CCL/Leaven.


Cloud migration can be daunting, but Leaven works with you to overcome this perception and evolve your business digitally. This was the key message we aimed to convey to the B2B audience. We used real life scenarios to show the LinkedIn audience the excellent work that Leaven can deliver.


The Outcome


The Leaven target audience was corporate, enterprise, and government organisations in New Zealand. They wanted to target at least 50% of the audience in the public sector (local and central government) industry. Given the skill of the team behind this campaign, there is no surprise that we exceeded our expected reach of the potential audience by 8%, achieving 58% reach.


The client wanted to showcase the impressive capabilities of Leaven in enabling the migration of an organisations applications and data to the cloud, which is why reach was so important. With the three 1-2 minute long LinkedIn video ad campaigns, we saw outstanding results reaching 42,501 people, with 74,500 impressions. This mass awareness was an achieved objective that we worked towards closely with Leaven’s team.


Video plays were a crucial part of the success of this campaign. We conquered 51,791 video plays during the two weeks this campaign was live, a proud moment for not just AsureQuality, and not just Leaven, but Socialites as well. The achievement of the goals of this campaign showcases the impact of strategic and well-executed digital marketing efforts in achieving business growth.