Rainbow Skittles

In October 2021, MARS WRIGLEY in collaboration with Socialites (The Social Club) launched a TikTok and Instagram campaign where content creators were tasked with bringing the rainbow to life using creative concepts and groovy hashtags!

Influencers, Media, Strategy, Community Management, Creative.

The Brief

To launch a TikTok campaign where content creators were tasked with bringing the Skittles rainbow to life using creative concepts and groovy hashtags and shared across Instagram.


Campaign objectives included:

  • Generating mass awareness of Skittles amongst Kiwis
  • Build out Skittles online presence and spark conversation through the product of engaging social content


The Work


Nine influencers across Aotearoa were recruited to create fun, high-energy content showcasing their creative concept along Skittles branding and messaging and to achieve the above objectives. The content produced for this campaign was nothing short of outstanding. Each and every influencer created energetic and distinctive content, all worthy of TV ad quality. High impact, high colour and high noise – content that’s all highly engaging on TikTok.


The Outcome


  • We successfully generated mass awareness and conversations surrounding Skittles, which can be seen in the TikTok comments with people engaging in banter and making jokes, sharing their favourite Skittles flavours and generally getting amongst!
  • Content was seen by the right people, at the right time, proven by the incredible engagements generated across the campaign. Audiences were engaged and entertained by the content, and clearly keen to see more.
  • All 9 influencers created creative, quality content that resonated well with their communities and beyond. This diverse group of influencers with a variety of interests and content style ensured no two pieces of content were the same.
  • The TikTok amplification process worked seamlessly managed by our team, allowing us to set target audiences, disperse budgets and further amplify content that needing an extra boost, allowing us to successfully make us of any remaining budget.