Mitre 10

Calling all University students!

Mitre 10 is with University Students all the way, they might just not know it! Mitre 10 wanted to change that, and Socialites worked with influencers to bring this idea to life.


Conquered a reach of over 1 million people, 1 million+ impressions, and an above industry engagement rate.



Influencers, Strategy, Creative, Activation Implementation

The Brief

The key to staying relevant and reaching our desired audience, is to tap into their world. Mitre 10’s primary objective of this campaign was to increase foot traffic among University students by building brand awareness. This meant our team was tasked to show how Mitre 10 products are relevant and accessible to them.


It was crucial to bring attention to products that could appeal to this demographic, as Mitre 10 is not always considered the go-to choice for University students looking to glow-up their room. Socialites know the ins and outs of social media, and University Students have the strongest digital presence of any generation, so we felt confident in our ability to tackle this project with full commitment. 


The Work


The Social Club engaged seven influencers and gave them a $100 Mitre 10 gift card to head into the store, or online, to purchase something of their choice. Influencer content was nothing short of engaging, relatable, and informative. We knew Mitre 10’s better brand affinity was with the older demographic of 35 years and older, however, the opportunity exists to connect with younger customers in Auckland so we tested the University student space throughout this campaign which was a first for Mitre 10.


We recognised students will be flatting and/or moving into halls and thus sought to take full advantage of this opportunity by showcasing how Mitre 10 can help. This campaign effectively reached its target audience of students and achieved success on all fronts. 


The Outcome


To say we were proud of this campaign and its results, is an understatement. The efforts put into executing this campaign showed true commitment by our team and the influencers selected. We reached over 1.1M people, garnered 1.1M impressions, and achieved a 14.1% engagement rate. These results were some of the best Mitre 10 influencer results we have seen to date. It is amazing to see how effective our marketing strategies have become and how well they resonated with the target audience.


The results are a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our team, as well as working with fantastic influencers who really showed the value you can receive from Mitre 10.