Giesen 0% USA Campaign

Who said 0% can't be fun! Giesen have four decades of winemaking experience, and believe in offering a wine for every occasion including when you're not drinking alcohol. Socialites was put to the test increasing the awareness of this this 0% wine in the USA.


Garnered 31.1k engagements and reached 2M people through our US influencers. Reached an impressive 6M people through our content creators.



Influencers, Strategy, Creative.

The Brief

Although January is typically known as a month in which one refrains from drinking any alcohol as a personal challenge, we took this opportunity to raise awareness throughout the United States of the range of 0% products in the non-alcoholic beverage category. Our target audience was Gen Z and Millennial consumers aged 18-40 years old, and we utilized digital channels to spread our message.



The primary aim of our campaign was to break down the perceived barrier of ‘Taste’ by educating consumers on the benefits of 0% products, with a particular focus on Giesen 0% in order to reinforce our leadership position in the 0% wine category. Our ultimate goal was to establish 0% beverages as a viable alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks in the US, particularly among wine drinkers who currently have low awareness and little perceived need for such products. Through this campaign, we contributed to a shift towards healthier beverage options in the US.


The Work


Dry January can be an enjoyable and exciting month, and we wanted to shift the focus from what one may miss out on to the benefits of enjoying Giesen 0%. To do this, we organised a series of activities that would spark joy and highlighted different ones each week in January. To reach a wider audience, we collaborated with influencers and content creators who helped us amplify our message and inspire their followers to incorporate 0% beverages into their friend gatherings and dinner parties. We also held Instagram competitions to further engage our audience. 



The campaign was launched on Meta, with influencers sharing organic content on their feeds and stories. Some influencers also utilized the Instagram collaboration feature alongside Giesen’s Instagram to promote our message even further. To target specific areas of the US, we divided the activation into four different states, successfully engaging 26 influencers and 4 content creators to celebrate various activities paired with Giesen’s 0% range.


The Outcome


A total of 120 influencer pieces and 31 content creator pieces were created, resulting in a reach of 2,471,023 people and 3,184,725 impressions, with 31.1k engagements. We produced a remarkable range of content that celebrated Dry January, despite the fast pace of the campaign.



The content creators we worked with achieved a reach of 6,984,796 and an impressive engagement rate of 8.43%, through Giesen’s Meta Channels.

We received great engagement from the US community, and the sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed their eagerness to try out the delicious taste of Giesen’s 0% wines. Our campaign created a positive conversation around Dry January, encouraging people to adopt these habits into their daily lives.