Keeping kiwi kids safe this summer with Westpac Rashies

New Zealand has one of the worst drowning stats in the OECD and CPR confidence is low. Westpac is on a mission to keep our kids safe this summer and zip them up in safety with the Westpac Rescue Rashie and encourage us all to refresh our CPR skills


Influencers, Strategy, Community Management, Creative

The brief

Our job was to encourage New Zealanders to learn CPR by leveraging the highly sought-after Westpac Rescue Rashie that zip to reveal CPR instructions. Our audience needed to be excited for a great New Zealand summer but at the same time remind them that we have a water safety problem, and our kids are some of the most vulnerable. This campaign was all about keeping our kids safe over summer and inspiring young and old in a fun and engaging way to learn or refresh their CPR knowledge. Not an easy task when CPR can be an intimidating skill to learn! Ultimately we needed to mash-up a highly serious subject with entertaining and captivating content so it looked fun and easy to do.

Our job
  • Get more people involved
  • Get more kids in Rashies
  • Create as much buzz and hype around why CPR is so important this Summer across multiple social media channels
  • Show Westpac’s commitment to supporting New Zealanders


The work

Phase 1 was all about getting our kiwi kids in the life-saving rescue rashies with the help of the ‘Zip-Up Relay. Incredibly cute and adorable content which played out as a relay on social media channels, between family and kid influencers. Jammed packed full of heart-melting moments, this series was designed to get the attention of our target audience and inspire them with smile in the mind creative to purchase a Westpac Rescue Rashie.

Phase 2 was all about putting those vital messages from the Rescue Rashies into action, whilst distributing even more of them across the country. We knew we needed to make learning CPR accessible to every kiwi. So instead of the traditional somewhat daunting ambulance expert that is common on YouTube videos, we engaged All Black Ritchie McCaw and influencer Rebecca Keil to learn CPR from our Westpac Rescue Helicopter medic in an entertaining and engaging way. Who doesn’t want to learn from a famous rugby player and hilarious and approachable Mum?

And to really drive home the ‘Together Greater’ message, we also got our community to nominate their school to receive free life saving rashies for their whole class.

Our influencer’s content played a core role within this campaign to raise awareness and boost donations among key target audiences.

The outcome

Shot during a covid lock-down this was logistically tricky but we made it work and video content was shared and promoted across all social channels. The messaging and style of the content became the foundation for a conversation that anyone can and should learn CPR, “Look it’s easy, anyone can learn it!” Using trusted influencers ensured engagement and added a “anyone can do this” to our message that we spread across social channels. As well as this we got thousands of rashies onto kiwi kids, raising much-appreciated extra funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Unique, heart-felt content that was humanised by our Ambassadors and Influencers meant results surpassed expectations.