Sold out on launch, InvivoXSJP

We were presented with a hefty challenge - break into an already cluttered global wine market and a shrinking category to launch a new wine collaboration; InvivoXSJP into the social sphere.

Influencers, Media, Strategy, Community Management, Creative

The brief

We had to set Invivo apart from their competitors and showcase they weren’t just another celebrity wine collaboration. The unique twist; Sarah Jessica Parker is actually a shareholder in the brand and was involved in every part of the process. However, we were posed with the challenge of not being able to reference SJP’s most notable work in our activity (the iconic Carrie Bradshaw).
With very little budget allocated to traditional media, the success of this launch relied heavily on the success on social media.
Our campaign objectives:
  • Launch InvivoXSJP across New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA (New York, New Jersey, Texas, plus, Japan, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. 
  • Grow social community as quickly as possible 
  • Increase brand awareness – fast! 
  • Build so much excitement that the audience would literally wait in long queues just to taste the wine
  • Newsletter sign-ups 


The work

We created the ultimate InvivoXSJP takeover on Facebook and Instagram! We did this by using jaw-dropping creative to take consumers through a funnel of brand awareness, reach, education and engagement.

Our designers and animators created an insta-worthy collage to really set the Instagram newsfeed apart from Invivo’s competitors and build hype and excitement for the new launch. Oh, and it had to be approved by SJP’s team! We achieved this by;
  • Creating a collage and X logo was teased onto social  with content uploaded throughout the week before launch
  • Old content was deleted to create a consistent look-and-feel 
  • Custom content pillars were created to showcase Invivo’s unique key point of difference; blending process/NZ winemaking, celebrations, and SJP. 
  • UGC was shared across stories and highlights to generate brand advocacy 

We knew Facebook and Instagram presented us with the best opportunity for us to cost effectively connect and engage with our audience across the globe and as quickly as possible. Through sophisticated targeting options, and limited media spend, we were able to ensure we were reaching the right people at the right time, ran competitions to boost online engagement, and our community managers frequently engaged with consumers all over the world to further excitement and brand advocacy. 

The outcome

The wine became an instant hit and Invivo successfully sold out of its global allocation for annual sales. We successfully  launched InvivoXSJP on the world stage, through socially led activity and created brand loyalists and built a seriously engaged online community. There were also people queuing up down the street and round the corner in New York.
Mike Osborne, the Founder and Executive Vice President of, describes the consumer reaction and sales by saying,
“Within the first week, ‘Invivo X, SJP’ has become one of the best sellers on, it’s one of the most successful launches we’ve seen”. is one of the largest online wine retailers in the US and they were early to jump onboard with the brand