5 Gum


5-gum relaunched here in NZ, and our team was given the responsibility of not only establishing their social media presence and managing paid media, but also distributing striking influencer content to spark consumer interest.  


Out of this world content was produced, including a viral video, and resulted in 1.4m of the target audience reached.



Influencers, Strategy, Creative, Activation Implementation


Key objectives

Raise awareness, target under 30’s New Zealanders, recruit engaging creators

The Brief

In the last few months, the Socialites team have had the honour of promoting the relaunch of an iconic brand here in NZ, 5Gum. What better way to drive buzz than with a full crew of influencers to produce top tier content to support the brand campaign? ‘Life Happens in 5’ was all about getting New Zealanders to pop some 5 Gum and dive into the things that really challenged them.


To drive maximum reach amongst the under 30s, the campaign ran on TikTok and Instagram and garnered some pretty incredible results.


Campaign objectives


  • Drive awareness and generate buzz around the 5 Gum relaunch to the New Zealand market.
  • Recruit engaging creators to promote 5 Gum’s new #LifeHappensIn5 campaign.

The Work

Our team figured that not every influencer could rock this campaign, and we needed adventure bunnies, who weren’t afraid to work outside the box, and had a knack for creative content creation. We worked on recruiting lifestyle, comedy and gaming content creators, tasking them to showcase wild and entertaining moments experienced when chewing 5 Gum. Collaborating with enthusiastic influencers who are passionate about their work, meant this campaign not only sparked our excitement, but also theirs, leading to outstanding content.

The Outcome

We did what we do best, finding creators that would fit the campaign perfectly and deliver content that exceeded expectations. With the 38 pieces of content produced by our 16 influencers, we reached 1.4M people across Instagram and TikTok. This was an impressive result seeing as our first campaign objective was to drive awareness of the 5 Gum reintroduction to the New Zealand market.


The results of this campaign reflect the high quality of the content, with the TikTok campaign trumping the 4.1% industry average with an unbelievable 24.15% engagement rate, and the Instagram campaign surpassing the 2% industry average with 7.3% ER.






This campaign showcased how our world today is digitally influenced. Our work thrives on social media and the digital scene in 2022 is ubiquitous. All influencers recieved similar briefs and had the chance to take creative control over the project how they wish. The video above shows how AI is ever-present and when briefed with a task, not all influencers are restricted to producing content with ‘real’ people. Not to say the latter is of lesser value, because, look at what kind of awesome content was produced below!