New World

New World’s Spiegelar Influencer Campaign

New World does an annual Christmas sticker promotion and this year's one was Spieg-tacular! We engaged influencers and ambassadors who we knew would be the perfect match for this campaign, and the results showed.  


Reached 559.6k people, got 774k+ engagements, garnered 5k engagements, and earned 1683 saves and shares.



Influencers, Strategy, Creative.

The Brief

The highly anticipated annual Christmas campaign featured a selection of free premium Spiegelau glasses available to collect in six different styles. To get this exciting offer, customers only had to make a minimum purchase of $20 in-store to earn a sticker, which brought them closer to getting their hands on the premium glasses.


The campaign was designed to inspire Kiwis to make Christmas magic with their Spiegelau glasses, and to create a sense of excitement and anticipation around the promotion. And it certainly worked – customers were eager to collect their stickers and claim their free glasses.


The Work


To help drive interest and engagement with the campaign, we engaged a team of foodie influencers to share their delicious Christmas or summer inspired recipes in their Spiegelau glasses. The influencers were given creative freedom to come up with their own recipes, and they certainly rose to the occasion. 


We also had four New World ambassadors create content, from festive cocktails to mouth-watering desserts, they showcased a wide range of delicious and visually stunning dishes, all presented in their Spiegelau glasses. 


The Outcome


The results of our social Spiegelau campaign were worth raising a glass to! We got 774K+ engagements, over 1.9 million Kiwis were reached through Meta channels, generating a huge 14.2 million impressions at a cost-effective CPM which was well below our target of $10.


Our best-performing activity was our Bonus Sticker Hacks video which starred a secretive Anika Moa, achieving over 3 million impressions at a cost-effective CPM. This shows just how keen Kiwis are to get their hands on as many stickers as possible and the “hush hush” style tone shot in a low-fi, selfie style resonated. These are the results that make us proud!