Play the Palette with OPI

OPI, the most respected, admired, and beloved nail lacquer brand on the planet, released their vibrant collection and accentuated the launch of it with a partnership with Xbox. They trusted The Social Club to promote their palette range with full innovation and creativity.


Vast audience reach and high impressions.




Influencers, Strategy, Creative, Activation Implementation.

The Brief

At Socialites, we are constantly tapping into our creative juices to create a campaign best fit for the client, the platform, and the consumers. To reach a wide audience and effectively promote OPI’s new colour collection and Xbox’s new limited edition controller, we engaged a range of macro and micro influencers. By partnering with influencers who were excited to share their experiences with their followers, we were able to produce authentic and engaging content that resonated with our target audience.


Campaign objectives

  • Drive awareness of OPIs, new Play the Palette range
  • Align with authentic fans of OPI and Xbox
  • Build relevancy with a younger consumer audience


The Work


This was an influencer based campaign, nothing we aren’t familiar with, which is why OPI felt confident in putting this promotion in our control. We engaged a range of macro and micro influencers who are credible creators, are aligned with the OPI brand, and have weight in both the gaming and beauty space – which is a unique combination to source! They created vibrant content featuring the new shades in a way that was engaging and inline with their own content aesthetic, showing off the limited edition Xbox controllers simultaneously. 


The Outcome


We had four influencers take the reins with the campaign and they showcased the new products with excitement and creativity. There were 21 pieces of content that reached 60,237 individuals, and received 68,920 impressions. With an average engagement rate vs reach of 12.6%, the campaign outperformed the industry rate of 4.7%. The campaign was a success that generated a lot of buzz for the brand in the gamer and beauty realm, two categories that don’t usually go hand in hand, until now! This was the objective we were focusing on and succeeded in accomplishing. This was an innovative and fun campaign for us and for all the influencers we engaged!