Smith and Caughey's

Smith and Caughey’s

Smith and Caughey's can't have 100,000 products in their physical store, but there's no holding back online! An influencer campaign was created and resulted in out-of-this-world content to drive awareness for Smith and Caughey's.


We reached 623,000 people throughout the 3 phases of this campaign and achieved an amazing ROI of 645.8%.



Influencers, Strategy, Creative.

The Brief

Smith and Caughey’s wanted to make it clear that they are the department store that should be on everyone’s radar. As a family owned New Zealand business with a long-standing history dating back to 1884, this online playground caters to a wide range of customers, from those in need of a gift on the go to retail enthusiasts. The intention of their campaign was to raise awareness in Wellington. This is where we came in, finding influencers who match the Smith and Caughey’s brand personality, and creating a campaign that reeled in the target audience whilst sharing the ease of online shopping with Smith and Caughey’s.


The Work


Our approach was to create a three-tiered campaign, with each phase generating learnings to better the next. We started with three influencers, followed by two, with the final phase of the campaign optimised to the top-performing influencer.


The first two Phases were a success, with content ranging from mens specials, to women’s staples, to baby cuteness! All content posted was authentic, stylish, and represented Smith & Caughey’s as a brand perfectly.


The final influencer had creative control to deliver striking content and his work did not disappoint. All Phases increased the awareness that Smith & Caughey’s were aiming for.


The next steps we advised Smith and Caughey’s with included The Takeover, the Capsule, and The Launch, all exciting projects that could enhance Smith and Caughey’s as a brand in the digital world. Exciting things happening all round!


The Outcome


We got a variety of content from the five influencers and were extremely pleased with the outcomes. The content they produced was captivating, engaging, and imaginative, as well as authentic to them and the Smith and Caughey’s brand. We reached 623,000 people across the three campaigns…


Campaign 1: Three Influencers

  • 400k+ reach across Instagram and Tiktok.

Campaign 2: Two Influencers

  • 57k+ reach on Instagram.

Campaign 3: One Influencer

  • 166+ average reach on Instagram.


Increasing awareness and increasing sales goes hand in hand. Therefore, an end goal that stemmed from  increased awareness was increased sales. That is exactly what Socialites achieved – with an amazing ROI of 645.8%. This was a great achievement and an indication of the steps that need to be taken in the future. During the three campaigns, we gained a deeper understanding of what appeals to our consumers and what falls short, providing us with valuable information on how to proceed.