Sydney Opera House Influencer Marketing on Little Red Book

Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most recognisable building and premier tourism destination, a world-class performing arts centre and a prominent community meeting place. The Opera House's concert halls and theatres host more than 1,600 performances yearly. Flying Tiger was excited for the opportunity to support Sydney Opera House's Vivid LIVE, an annual contemporary music festival, and engage with a local and international Chinese audience through an influencer campaign on Little Red Book.

Services Provided

KOL, Influencer marketing, Strategy, Generate sales and revenue (ROI)

The brief

Vivid LIVE is the annual centrepiece of the Sydney Opera House’s year-round Contemporary Music program. Vivid LIVE is also part of Vivid Sydney, the annual celebration of creativity, innovation and technology across Sydney, which was buzzing for 23 days and nights in 2022. To promote the Vivid LIVE campaign by targeting Sydney’s local and international Chinese audiences, Socialites leveraged influencers (KOLs) on Little Red Book to generate excitement about the festival’s activities and music program by using creative content and groovy hashtags across the Red community.


Campaign objectives included:

  • Generating mass awareness of Vivid LIVE amongst Sydney’s local Chinese community;
  • Increase Vivid LIVE’s page presence and guide the ticket-buying process;
  • Improve authenticity within the Chinese community through creating compelling and authentic social content featuring festival activities, including a wide range of Opera House performances, Lighting of the Sails (digital artwork projects) and community activities.


The work

Flying Tiger engaged  15 Chinese KOLs based in Sydney to create compelling, entertaining, and highly engaging content representing Vivid LIVE’s events, focusing on achieving the campaign’s objectives.

We divided the KOL campaign into two parts: a warm-up campaign and an on-season campaign, to maximise our coverage across Vivid LIVE’s one month duration.

During the event, we also invited KOLs to experience live performances and participate in public-themed activities themselves, so they could truly feel the event’s atmosphere. In this way, their content, images and video creation were more compelling, convincing and exclusive which, in turn, engaged our audience and generated a positive response.


The outcome

Our marketing strategies understand and recognise differences while still pulling from the core attributes of the campaign’s wider strategy. Effectively penetrate and engage the local and international Chinese audience through the Little Red Book KOLs campaign.

The result is a living document that enables the brand’s entire content marketing playbook for connecting with Chinese consumers.

By choosing the right KOLs and delivering high-quality content, we generated mass awareness about Vivid LIVE. Through the campaign results, we could see posts’ clicks is over 43,000 and likes, saves, shares & comments approximately around 2,800 of the audience on the Vivid LIVE campaign and drive more audience to participate in the campaign naturally and motivate the audience to share their experiences on social platforms to achieve more exposure and awareness.