New World

Wine Awards 2022

The annual New World Wine Awards were back and it was our mission to get everyday Kiwis to try a new drop from the award-winning top 50 line-up. 


A ROAS of 73.65, 1.8 million impressions, and 7,000 purchases from our Meta Ad’s.




Media, Influencers, Strategy, Creative

The Brief

The brief of getting New Worlders to try a new Top 50 Gold medal-winning wine sounds simple right? But the wine world is notoriously posh and we wanted to ensure that the campaign appealed to everyday Kiwis, thus our relatable and Kiwi-as Chip & Sip video content was born. 


The Work


In a relaxed and relatable kitchen setting, our talent wine whizz Jen Parr, New World Ambassador Clint Roberts and radio DJ Bree Tomasel put their taste buds to the test in search of the perfect wine, chip and dip combo. This content was all about capturing the “ah-ha!” moment when a much-loved Kiwi snack just works really well with a wine. Bree and Clint bought the banter and Jen provided the expertise, creating some seriously engaging and fit-for-platform content. 


Our video content went live on social and rather than having a high volume of posts in market, we backed our winning creative with 70% of the campaign budget. We made the user experience a shoppable one with the collection ad format across Meta channels. 


The Outcome


The winning combination of engaging and relatable creative, teamed with media, resulted in our Wine Awards campaign serving up some decadent and full-bodied social results. Our Meta ads generated 1.8 million impressions, over 7,000 purchases as well as a ROAS of 73.65,  some of the best we have seen . Cheers to that!