Woodstock Canadian Whisky

Woodstock, a key brand in the Asahi stable, is well-known and loved as NZ’s #1 Bourbon and Cola drink. Woodstock Canadian Whisky, however, was the new kid on the block and Socialites was tasked with getting it as popular as its big sibling.


Reach of 1M+ and engagement rate of 43% and a +9,231.5% increase in interactions on Facebook.



Ideation & Creation, Talent, Production, Community Management

The Brief

The RTD market is saturated with many tempting offerings appealing to a variety of palates. Woodstock Canadian Whisky needed Socialites to come in hot with the brand’s
#RefreshingAs proposition in a way that would resonate with Woodstock’s loyal target
audience, while catching the eye of new consumers…


Socialites Campaign to-do list:


  • Develop an engaging, big-bang campaign with dual appeal to new and existing
    Woodstock RTD consumers
  • Ensure the creative idea would be campaignable beyond social into out-of-home,
    including high-profile billboard placement
  • Kickstart a Woodstock New Zealand Instagram profile, and work in with Woodstock’s existing profile on Facebook

The Work 


Socialites worked with Thompson Spencer’s partner agency, Magnesium, to concept, create and shoot content that was disruptive, and certifiably awesome. The hero shoot ran like a well-oiled machine, delivering a range of creative assets to roll out through the six-month campaign period. Thompson Spencer media team's carefully constructed plan saw the creative reaching the right people in all the right places.


The Outcome


In an industry where the average engagement rate sits at 1-5%, the RTD community clearly loved the creative, with the Woodstock Canadian Whisky campaign seeing a staggering 43% engagement rate in the first three months! On Facebook alone over the first three months, there was an increase of 10k interactions (+9,231.5%). Additionally, the CPM was $2.40, well under the industry average of $14.90. Everyone involved in the campaign enjoyed it from end to end, and the results certainly speak for themselves. Stay tuned for more to come with this innovative brand!