Socialites Secrets to Success: Most Valuable Tip to Become an Influencer

In Summary…

  • Find your niche!

  • Where do I start?

  • Does that really work?

  • Status quo… with or against?


Find your niche


In a digital world where influencers are ubiquitous, to become one, you have to stand out. And by this, I don’t mean just wearing that bright pink top in your content, or sharing your ‘controversial’ opinion on Margot Robbie’s Met Gala outfit. Rather, I mean choosing a niche you are passionate about and sticking with it. 


Nowadays, every new influencer is doing the same thing in the hope of being a trendsetter; buying a Dyson Airwrap to create the perfect Matilda Djerf hair or giving into every #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend. 


The copying culture is creating clones of these trendsetters who go viral temporarily but without consistency. Finding a niche you are passionate about, that you are talented at, or that challenges the status quo, is where you will find yourself on the right track to being a long-standing influencer in the already saturated market.


So, where do you start?


Think back to grade five when your teacher would have you fill out an “About Me” form. You would write your name, date of birth, family members, and what you are interested in. The latter is exactly where you start. Whether you are interested in cooking, skiing, travel, hiking, or have a passion for writing poetry, painting, playing video games, or crocheting, that’s your starting point. There is even space, if not more so, for uncommon hobbies like collecting stamps, metal detecting, astronomy, and archery, that’s your starting point. It really is as simple as a grade five personality form!


It is crucial to produce authentic content, and being enthusiastic about what you create can help achieve this. Identify your target audience and showcase your skill or hobby to capture their interest. By focusing on your niche, your content will naturally attract more followers. 



How do we know this works?


Real people. This advice didn’t just come out of thin air, successful influencers represent this logic. Take Danni Duncan for example, her whole personality is about her living a childfree life. She shares the pros, the cons, and everything in between, whilst attracting 103.1k people who enjoy her insights. Some of her posts get hundreds of thousands of views. This success is because she chose her niche and ran with it, rather than posting ‘A day in the life’ of her doing the same thing as 90% of people on the platform.


The Sugar Dealer has 162.9k TikTok followers, all to watch her make brownies. When I say there is literally an opportunity in everything, I mean it! Her niche means her audience is engaged with all her content, she has a loyal following – and a large one I might add – because she took her talent, her passion, and what she does in her free time to share it with others.


You never know, there could be millions of people like you, who are urban exploration fanatics, or beekeeping enthusiasts, they just don’t know where to find you!



Go against the status quo


We all know it feels much more comfortable to go with the status quo, but comfort doesn’t lead to growth, and getting out of your comfort zone is how one thrives. We all know this, it has been plastered on every Pinterest board since 2015, but it is time to put it into practice.


Fabiola Baglieri has 13.2M TikTok followers, she embraced it and started producing transition content where she went from Mr Bean’s daughter to a supermodel. She blew up overnight and her followers respected her for showing that there are two sides to people, it’s not solely beauty and airbrush, the side that many Influencers pursue. 


Sienna Mae got 22.3M views on a TikTok of her simply pushing her stomach out. She continued to post content that consisted of her being completely natural, she went against the status quo, and now she has 13M TikTok followers. This is the kind of content that really captures people. I know it is cliche to say ‘Be yourself and no one else’, but honestly, that saying speaks volumes in the world of influencers. 


We know this is so much easier said than done, but to grow as a creator, as a public figure, and as an online guru, there is no chance of surviving without disrupting the norm.