How Magnesium and Socialites are taking Marketing to the next level!

We are a team of 38 humans (let’s also not forget our office dog, Harry) that build powerful social media communities. Add a dose of Magnesium and call it a winning formula. We are beyond excited to welcome Magnesium to our Socialites family – our full-service creative agency and accredited media agency. World-class content is about to reach every screen!


Who is Magnesium?


Magnesium is an agency that drives outstanding commercial results, maintaining long-standing clients and creating award-winning content. Magnesium’s data-driven approach gathers insights about an audience to inform the creative message, and when and where it needs to be deployed. It leverages data science, creative, media, and tech to create relevant campaigns and its mantra is potent: Creative inspired by data is powerful. Creative driven by data is unstoppable. 


As a new addition to the Socialites fold, we can now give brands a true unfair advantage. Our ‘Follow the Money’ precision targeting is a platform with 250 million customer data points, resulting in data-driven creative that’s the best in the biz. This enables our brands to create effective campaigns that analyses user location, online behaviour, and purchase behaviour. 

We know what drives our target audiences: who they are, where they are, and what they’re watching. Our success-as-a-service model cuts through the fog, with end-to-end integration of strategy, creative, production, community and media. 

What does this mean for our brands?


When two teams bond together, potential is unlocked. Magnesium’s data-driven creative with Socialites’s expertise in social media marketing and building communities takes things up another notch. Clients get the best of both worlds in launching campaigns with a second-screen experience top of minds while creating efficiencies under one roof. 

Don’t just take our word for Magnesium’s creative brilliance, check out some of their work… 


The retirement industry was booming as more and more retirees opted for village life. But with new villages constantly under construction and a significant increase in advertising spend from their largest competitors, Bupa needed a clear positioning to cut through the clutter – Using nostalgia, charm and wry sense of humour, Bupa residents were shown to have a strong sense of self and high level of satisfaction living at Bupa.



Long-standing client BurgerFuel wanted a slick new brand spot which captured their three brand pillars (music, street art and muscle cars) with a seamless transition to the in-store customer experience.



We used insights from quantitative research to find out what really mattered to Woop’s target audience. This led to a 3-phase campaign that broke down the environmental barriers blocking consideration. Benchmarking 4 years of data we found 30 second slots gave Woop better value per second on TV than 15 seconds. Instead of fighting for market share, Woop grew the market and took more than its fair share.


If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and unlock the chemistry of success with Magnesium and Socialites, then contact us today:

Carlene Managh

Client Service & Executive Producer