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We create strategic social media plans.

We specialise in building fiercely
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Love your brand? We will help you turn your passion into a passionate community.

What we do

We are a full service social media agency. We create, grow and cultivate loyal social media communities for your business.

Why do you need to invest in a community? So that they can get to know you, like you – and become so loyal that they’ll always pick you over your competitors!

We work with your marketing team to give your company an engaging on-brand presence over multiple social media channels. Not only are Socialites engagement experts, we also know our way around a budget, so we optimise every dollar you spend for maximum ROI. That’ll keep Roger in Accounts happy!

Whether you’re a new brand wanting to get started or an established brand needing a boost of strategic expertise, we can deliver.

As much as we love social media, we also take the business of business very seriously. We merge our technical nous and the latest developments of these sites with marketing wisdom and hands-on experience to create a truly great experience for your customers. And your bottom line.

Social Media Strategy

  • Planning
  • Social Voice development
  • Research and analysis
  • Target audiences
  • Channel identification

Community Management

  • Engagement, driving conversation
    and banter
  • Monitoring and moderation
    9am – 9pm 7 days
  • Crafting creative engaging content
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+

Social Media Campaigns

  • Building and/or growing communities
  • Product launches
  • Sales drives
  • Brand engagement
  • Tactical activations
  • Facebook and Twitter advertising
  • Facebook development and apps
Who we are

Who we are

Social media changes and evolves daily. Any social media course is out-of-date before the syllabus is printed.

Luckily our team loves social media. You could say we’re social-media butterflies – we live and breathe it 24/7 – which means we’re always up-to-date with any changes and what they mean for your business. Our friendly social media agency team includes social media marketers, community managers, designers and developers – and a very cute wee dog named Poppie!

How passionate are the Socialites about social media? So passionate that it’s ALL we do. Although our team understands traditional and digital marketing, it’s social media we truly love, and we’re out to get everybody on board. We’re driven to work your social media strategy hard to get the best results for your business.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Wendy Thompson

    Managing Director

    BBUS (International Business & Marketing)
    BA (International Marketing)
    DMA Certificate of Digital Marketing (Distinction)
    Wendy has 16 years digital marketing experience in NZ’s top advertising agencies. She founded Socialites in 2010 and leads her growing team with two mottos "Do cool things with cool people." and "Have fun and get sh*t done".

  • Victoria Graves

    Victoria Graves

    General Manager

    Victoria is a senior strategist with 17 years experience in strategic planning and client service in top agencies in both NZ and UK. She has broad experience across all disciplines, specialising in digital and direct. She’s a passionate dog owner and is currently spending most of her spare time renovating her house or looking for decorating inspo on Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Melinda Parris

    Melinda Parris

    Account Director

    BCA (Marketing)
    Melinda comes with many years experience across advertising, digital and social from both sides of the globe. She has a passion for finding creative and innovative solutions to every brief. A genuine kiwi coffee snob, Melinda likes to sip her coffee while spending her free time on social media finding inspiration for her next holiday destination and party planning.

  • Ashlee Lennon

    Ashlee Lennon

    Account Manager

    Ashlee has five years of international and NZ experience in Social Media and PR, including some award-winning European campaigns. A passionate traveller and very dialed into the international scene Ashlee is always the first to know what is the Next Big Thing.

  • Ruby Gregory

    Ruby Gregory

    Account Manager

    Dip. Graphic Design
    Ruby joins the team armed with skills in design and advertising. With an overriding passion for Social Media, she is focused on providing her clients with innovative and engaging ideas to connect with current and future business. Ruby's use of social media (to an almost obsessive degree) at work, home and even on holiday keeps her eye on what's happening around the world!

  • Pavel Zaruchevskiy

    Pavel Zaruchevskiy

    Analytics & Advertising Strategist

    BA (Business Administration/Marketing)
    Paul is our favourite advertising guru and analytics guy. He has three years of solid digital marketing experience and specialises in analysing and maximising ROI of all our social media activity. Over the weekend you'll find him on a soccer field or front and centre on the theatre stage.

  • Courtenay Clark

    Courtenay Clark

    Senior Content Producer

    BDes (Graphic Design)
    Courts heads up our growing Content Production team. She has a passion for all things social and has six years experience in digital and advertising. If you're wondering what she's up to your best bet is to check her latest snapstory on Snapchat.

  • Chloe Fagence

    Chloe Fagence

    Content Producer

    BBus (Marketing)
    Dip. Graphic Design
    Chloe comes from a marketing, advertising and design background but has found her true love in social media. She's the office foodie, loves a good boogie on the d- floor and socialising at events of all sorts.

  • Kate Farrier

    Kate Farrier

    Content Producer

    BDes Graphic Design
    Kate is a highly skilled digital designer who knows her way around web, email, mobile and social design like no other. She's also a dab hand with a camera. And we love it when her puppy Poppie visits the office.

  • Hannah Rogers

    Hannah Rogers

    Head of Community Management

    BCom (Commercial Law and Management)
    Hannah is passionate about Social Media, Digital Communications and is known for being 'connected' and on trend 24/7. When she's not on Social Media, Hannah is blogging or at the movies and is an amazing CM team leader.

  • Meagan Kerr

    Meagan Kerr

    Community Manager

    BDVA Photography and Media Arts
    With five years experience working in digital media and a background as a photographer, award winning style blogger Meagan makes a fashionable addition to the Community Management team.

  • Isabella Rose

    Isabella Rose

    Community Manager

    Bella is currently completing her Law Degree and loves being around people which reflects in her amazing Community Management. She enojys a good laugh or two and is always ready to help out!

  • Rosie Holt

    Rosie Holt

    Community Manager

    Rosie comes from a marketing and advertising background but has been drawn back to her love of all things social. When she's not gramming, snapping or chatting up a storm with our communities, she will be playing with flowers in her second love of floristry.

Social Media Facts

social media fact 1

Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail or PPC.

(Digital Insights, 2013)

social media fact 2

78% indicate that posts by companies directly influence their purchase decision.

(Wildfire White Paper, 2012)

social media fact 3

81% say that posts by friends directly influence their purchase decision.

(Wildfire White Paper, 2012)

social media fact 4

People that ‘like’ you on a social media platform are 84% more likely than non-fans to purchase

(Forrester 2013)

social media fact 5

56% of people that ‘like’ you on a social media platform are more likely to recommend your brand.

(Forrester 2013)

social media fact 6

More than 50% of people who engage with brands on social networks say they want to hear about your latest products and services.

(Forrester 2013)

social media fact 7

The increase in usage by the 55 to 64 year olds is greater than 100% for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

(Jeff Bulla, 2013)

social media fact 8

Active usage of the major, global social platforms is growing worldwide with mobile being the key driver

(GlobalWebIndex study)

social media fact 9

Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site.

(Jeff Bula)

social media fact 10

Facebook currently has 1.15 billion total users with 350 million photos are uploaded everyday.


social media fact 11

Every second 8000 users like some or other photo on Instagram.

(Digital Insights)

Case Studies

Case Studies

We help our clients build brands and drive sales across a range of categories.
We grow vibrant, loyal and LOUD communities (what’s louder than word of mouth? Social media!)

We happily work with clients on both a retainer and project basis. Clients we have worked with include:
mitre 10
House of Travel
AKL Airport
Jeds Coffee Co
Annabel Langbein
old mout cider
Steer Clear
kings plant barn
the coromandel
go healthy
Super Juice
Baby Steps
Escape Haven
Tri NZ
mitre 10
Mitre 10 Mitre 10
Over the last 2 years we have grown Mitre 10 social media communities to become the largest and most positively engaged retail brand in New Zealand. We have cultivated a passionately loyal community that shares their DIY questions and successes with us across multiple platforms.

We regularly get over 1,500 comments from fans on a post keeping our community management team busy! The money spent with Socialites pays for itself many times over, driving plenty of proven in-store and online shopping. Our community is still growing like topsy, our latest Fan Acquisition Campaign saw an increase of 35,000 new fans in just over two months. Hit the nail on the head with that one we reckon.
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Spark Spark
Called in just 3 weeks before the launch of New Zealand’s largest rebrand in recent history, we prepared and executed the launch across all social media platforms. Targeting a new younger audience we introduced SnapChat and ran the social media for the roadshow ATM hunt all around NZ. We gained 4,500 SnapChat friends in the first 24 hours and during the campaign we had over 600,000 Snapstory views. We launched Spark Instagram and have over 5,000 fans to date.
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House of Travel
House of Travel House of Travel
We've recently taken off with House of Travel and the ride isn't slowing down any time soon. With specially crafted marketing strategies, we have loved taking Facebook advertising to the next level and thrived on re-launching their Instagram account, which continues to grow by the day. Haven't liked them yet? Go and do it!
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AKL Airport
Auckland International Airport Auckland International Airport
We worked with Auckland Airport for 1 year, launching them onto social media in 2014 with a specially crafted marketing strategies for each business unit; the growing network of duty-free retail stores, parking and inbound and outbound ticket sales both in New Zealand and in overseas markets.

Over the year Socialites' work directly contributed millions of dollars of revenue across these units, with ROI percentages often in the thousands. Through our team of community managers we dealt daily with customers, both positive and negative on behalf of the Airport. You could say that Auckland Airport's social media has really taken flight!
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Jeds Coffee Co
Jed's Coffee Co. Jed's Coffee Co.
We launched Jed’s Coffee Co. on Facebook in 2014. We spent time developing a strong Social Voice to differentiate ourselves from all the other coffee brands out there. We have built up a community of 10,700 raving fans through consistent friendly engagement and active listening to our community.
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Charlie's Charlie's
Fans! We're 100% in your hands! Taking fan involvement to the extreme to launch Charlie’s Straight Up Cola we concocted a purely social experiment where for six weeks, thirsty Kiwis voted yay or nay on Charlie’s attempt at a locally made cola, via a Facebook app.

Thousands of votes and thumbs up later… it was good news for fans (and Charlie's!) Almost 60% of people who clicked on our Facebook posts through to the app voted and uploaded a picture with the can – an impressive conversion rate and sales driver. A strong community management strategy to tackle the 'straight up' feedback we’d demanded from fans was critical to the campaigns’ #StraightUpSuccess.
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Rekorderlig Cider Rekorderlig Cider
In 2012 we used a strategic key influencer and integrated Facebook campaign to take Rekorderlig Cider from 200 to over 35,000 highly engaged fans in less than 3 months. This catapulted the brand to number 1 in on-premise sales and meant we sold more cider in the third month of our campaign than in the previous 11 months combined. Cheers to that!
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Monteith's Monteith's
With a simple, effective campaign that spoke to the heart in 2012, we grew the plateaued Monteith’s Facebook page from 2000 to 9000 fans in just two weeks. How about that?
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Annabel Langbein
Annabel Langbein Annabel Langbein
Socialites are proud to have prepared the social media strategy for Annabel Langbein’s cook book releases in New Zealand and throughout the world. Sales figures exceeded all predictions.
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old mout cider
Old Mout Cider Old Mout Cider
For three years we worked closely with Old Mout Cider, carefully building loyal communities over Facebook and Twitter. During this time the spreading buzz resulted in consistent sales increases and meant we were number one in grocery for the category. Nice!
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Steer Clear
Steer Clear Steer Clear
Steer Clear is an educational programme that talks about the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of drugs. We helped Steer Clear dig for answers on social media about where, when and why young people drive high. We also helped spread the word about the dangers of driving high through a series of animated videos on Facebook and YouTube. Our latest campaign reached half a million NZ youth. As the young people say "Sweet as baz."
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Vodafone NZ Music Awards Vodafone NZ Music Awards
In October 2013 we were approached to manage the social media for this iconic New Zealand event. We put in place and executed a solid and highly involved strategy to communicate this multi-faceted televised event across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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Jagermeister NZ Jagermeister NZ
In 2012 we successfully launched Jagermeister NZ’s social presence and through a series of highly engaging campaigns, it quickly became NZ’s number one social media spirit brand. During our time with Jagermeister we created a fiercely brand-loyal community with high levels of engagement across the board.
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kings plant barn
Kings Plant Barn Kings Plant Barn
Starting from scratch we grew a community of gardening lovers through advice and inspiration. We also drove in-branch and online retail sales through targeted Facebook and Pinterest engagement.
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Drambuie Drambuie
A great drop. From 2012 to 2014 we brought Drambuie's core brand principle "the extraordinary" through onto social channels in a variety of innovative ways.
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the coromandel
The Coromandel The Coromandel
We created a social media campaign to educate, inspire and – literally – drive traffic to the Coromandel during the off-peak season.
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Fullers Fullers
We regularly help Fullers and 360 Discovery create and run social media campaigns to support above-the-line marketing initiatives.
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go healthy
Go Healthy New Zealand Go Healthy New Zealand
Over the last few years we built a community of health-conscious fans and established this Kiwi brand as a thought-leader in health and wellness. Go Healthy, go!
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Super Juice
Super Juice Super Juice
We launched the social media channels for Super Juice, a new vitamin drink in the New Zealand market. We gained an impressive 2700 fans in record time through smart purchasing and creative engagement.
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Baby Steps
Baby Steps Baby Steps
We launched the Facebook page and community for this New Zealand brand. Baby Steps™ Goat Milk formula is made in New Zealand and provides a gentle solution for babies with sensitive digestion.
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Escape Haven
Escape Haven Retreats Escape Haven Retreats
Escape Haven is a luxury yoga surf spa retreat for women with two tropical locations - Bali and Byron Bay, Australia. Through highly-targeted campaigns we grew Escape Haven's fan-bases and circle of prospective customers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
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Tri NZ
Triathlon Auckland Triathlon Auckland
In 2014 Socialites promoted the Auckland ITU World Triathlon Series and drove entries (while also encouraging spectators to come along) via social media in both New Zealand and Australia.
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Common Ground Common Ground
We were tasked with driving conversation on Common Ground’s website underneath the thought-provoking 'What Now' video that helps young people with mental health issues. Mental Health isn't usually something openly talked about in a public arena so a creative social media strategy was required.

Our answer was to partner with professional bloggers, each with a personal link to the cause. This worked exceptionally well, enabling our important messages to reach 65,000+ people in our target audience and engage with many thousands more. Spurring new conversations with these high-risk audiences on the website (with more information just a click away) was a definite win for New Zealand youth.
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If you'd like to have an email, phone or Skype chat to one of our clients just drop us a line.

"Socialites have managed to strike a chord in their business practice that has enabled them to balance the emotional requirements of a brand to suitably engage with its customers in a meaningful way, practically weigh up and constructively direct what's important, balance input and output, and keep on top of innovation to lead the social media charge.

The team have an excellent reputation for being straight forward, easy to work with and actually, most importantly, have fun. They clearly love what they do and that passion and enthusiasm makes them one of the best in the business."

Jenene Crossan
CEO, Flossiedotcom

"I have worked with Socialites since 2012 and would highly recommend them to any brand serious about utilising social media to grow their business. A highlight was launching my Rekorderlig Cider brand across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and taking the fan base from only a few to over 70,000 in little under a year. With their smart strategy and innovative execution, we created a veritable groundswell of buzz for this brand new to the NZ market; reinforcing its premium position and making it a brand and product to be seen with. This translated through to substantial sales off and on-premise and significant, continual growth in market share. "

Emma Rock
Brand Manager, Redwood Cider Company

"We engaged the team at Socialites in mid 2013 to assist in the delivery of our digital strategy, they quickly proved their worth. Wendy and the team regularly over deliver, taking a proactive approach to our relationship. Initial concerns we had regarding tone and brand consistency were quickly put to rest."

Mike Giles
Channel Development Manager, Mitre 10

"Wendy, Rosie, Courtenay and the team at Socialites brought the 2013 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards to life! Our social media engagement was in need of some care and attention and they really worked their magic. The VNZMA’s is the biggest awards show in the country and there are a wide variety of individuals, organisations, musicians, artists and sponsors that all need that social media consideration. Socialites really came to the party and know how to interact with so many parties on such a huge project!"

Damian Vaughan
CEO, New Zealand Recorded Music

"We have had great success working with Socialites. They are highly professional and understood our brand and business objectives. We were skeptical of using a social media agency at first but when our first small test with Socialites returned a 1490% ROI we were convinced. This team are highly experienced, focussed on the bottom line and easy to work with. We have subsequently moved more marketing budget into social media and see this as a key part of our sales funnel. "

Toby Burrows
Director, BW & R&V Festivals

"We enjoyed working with the Socialites team as they are knowledgeable in the social media environment, understand the commercial challenges of businesses and deliver a very special service in a space where other providers are often not capable. Socialites helped us grow our Facebook community, profiled our retailers successfully and created awareness around the products and services on offer at the airport. They also helped us successfully venture through Facebook into off shore markets that are often hard to reach and proved that social media provides a valuable and sustainable avenue to engage with potential travelers."

Jason Delamore
General Manager, Auckland Airport

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